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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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say, a man was killed trying to your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a fight leads to murder inside an antioch home. how neighbors say a man was killed trying to protect his roommate. and clearing up the hazy laws of marijuana. santa clara county could make it easier for pot clubs to operate within the law. good morning, it's tuesday april 26. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we have the easter twins on both sides here, i guess? >> you look great. >> you do. >> nice and bright. >> and let's get a look at traffic and weather. so we'll start with you, kristy. >> the bright color is because it's going to be a gorgeous day today. >> exactly. >> sunny, happy color. we had some showers yesterday but we really cleared out by
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yesterday afternoon and today looking pretty good, mostly sunny skies, temperatures slightly warmer in some location. concord flirting with the 80s. 68 as a high for san jose. san francisco topping out at 64 and oakland making it to 67 and even warmer weather coming up. let's check traffic. >> all right. thank you. it sounds like we have a high wind advisory on the bay bridge. it is our only one so far this morning but chp issued this overnight. so heavy winds across the span two hands on the steering wheel this morning but so far no delay and no roadwork on the upper or lower deck between san francisco and oakland. let's check roadwork across the bay area coming up and mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. it is 4:31 now. we begin with an antioch man shot to death in his own home this morning. >> this morning, his roommate's ex-boyfriend is under arrest. officers responding to reports of gunfire just after 9:30 last night at a home on pine knot
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way. police say a woman who lives there ran from the house when her ex showed one a gun. she called 911 and reported hearing shots fired. neighbors say the 26-year-old victim had recently protected the woman from being attacked by her ex and they said the dead man had begun to turn his life around. >> he had had a problem with drugs and alcohol. he got in trouble and he changed his life. and for the last few months, he's really been working hard to change his life but he always had a big heart. he was a good kid and he just didn't deserve this. >> police found the victim dead from multiple gunshot wounds about three hours later just after 12:30. police arrested a 30-year-old man they believe is the shooter. police say the dead man was not involved romantically with the woman. the man who gunned down six people outside an oakland bar still on the loose this morning. police now say that the gunman fired at his victims at random as part of a botched robbery
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early yesterday morning. two people died twoers who are in critical condition. police say the gunman fled with through other men in a white dodge avenger similar to this one of the. it should soon become clear what's legal and what's not legal when it comes to pot clubs in santa clara county. kiet do joins us now from east san jose as the district attorney prepares some new guidelines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here at medics in san jose one of the larger outspoken pot clubs in the city. the d.a. said needed time to review the current law and asked for a temporary halt in the high- profile police raids that had taken down several cannabis clubs. police justified the raids on the basis that all sales were money exchanged for marijuana is for profit and therefore illegal. according to the "san jose
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mercury news" the d.a.'s office says this argument is flawed saying there is no legal precedent for that rationale. medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law but when california voters legalized it more than 100 pot clubs popped up all over san jose resulting in a cloudy haze of confusion. recently the city council limited the number of clubs to 10. the d.a.'s office plans to work with business owners to get them to comply through written warnings rather than raids. there will be raids in the future but they will try to be i guess nice about it. they plan on releasing these proposals in the coming weeks and then opening up for public debate. >> thank you, kiet do in san jose. the city of san carlos has decided to form a hybrid fire department with redwood city to save money. late last night the city council voted unanimously for the redwood city plan choosing it over a proposal to hire a
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private company based in florida to run it. a firefighter from neighboring san mateo says the hybrid option is much better. >> when you look at, you know, the track record of the redwood city fire department versus wackenhut's track record it's night and day. wackenhut has no experience in firefighting. they did it one time in 1997 in florida. it didn't end well. >> san carlos still has to negotiate with redwood city but the hybrid plan is expected to save $1.5 million a year. san carlos has been looking for a new partner since deciding last fall to dissolve its joint fire department with belmont. pg&e's tried to curb the outrage over the $35 million retirement package for its outgoing ceo. the san francisco-based utility announced its customers will not be footing the bill. the company's board of directors decided to use shareholder funds to pay for peter darby's retirement rather than ratepayor funds.
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and pg&e officials plan to join congresswoman jackie speier this evening for a town hall meeting in san bruno. it's to discuss long-term recovery plans for the city where a pg&e gas pipeline exploded back in september killing eight and destroying dozens of homes. puc and city officials are also expected to attend that meeting that's at 6:30 at the san bruno senior center. well, the disaster is prompting pg&e to conduct safety tests of 150 miles of its natural gas pipeline. one of the first tests is set for next month in mountain view where an informational meeting was held last night. testing will be done online 132a. that's a connector between the pipeline that exploded and another gas pipeline. crews will remove all natural gas from the lines, fill it to water to 1 1/2 time its maximum operating pressure and then hold it for eight hours. >> any pipe that doesn't meet acceptable standards during the test we are going to cut out that section and replace it
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with new pipe. >> a similar test will be conducted in may on a four-mile stretch of pipe in antioch. 4:36. if you like good weather, i think kristy has some really good news to share with you. >> i do have some very good news. we are starting the beginning of a drying trend and a warming trend today. we had some showers about this time yesterday but we dried out by the afternoon and clear skies today mean cooler temperatures out the door. in the 40s and 50s. 48 san rafael, 46 vallejo, 49 concord, 50 for redwood city and san jose. 46 in livermore. we are really going to warm up this afternoon in part because we are not going to see too much cloud cover. we are going to have more sunshine. you can see we're pretty much in the clear, no showers, not a lot of clouds, looking good for this afternoon. highs today similar to yesterday maybe a few degrees warmer in some places and a lot warmer by the end of the day. today 64 for san rafael and san francisco, 67 for vallejo and
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livermore and oakland. almost 70 in san jose and we are seeing a few 70s in the north bay santa rosa and napa both making it to 70 today. your extended forecast looking great plenty of sunshine over the next several days. a weak system moving in thursday and friday and breezy but this weekend 70 degrees inland. by sunday flirting with the 80s. monday looking great, as well. so plenty of sunshine in store, looking good. how is traffic, elizabeth? >> okay. mostly roadwork out there most of it wrapping up in 20 minutes around 5:00. right now out to hayward, both directions of 880 near the highway 92 interchange various lanes blocked, various ramped blocked until 5:00 this morning. if you are continuing towards the san mateo bridge, traffic actually moves okay. it's about 13 minutes from hayward towards the peninsula which is typical for this time of the morning. dumbarton, we got some more roadwork both directions of 84 right there as you approach the high-rise. it sounds like the two right
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lanes are blocked again and until 5:00 this morning. no big delay though. most of our live traffic sensors showing top speeds this morning. all approaches across the east bay no delays from 24 to the macarthur maze. one more live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a high wind advisory in effect. signs warn of high winds this morning so two hands on the steering wheel. windiest conditions are on the san francisco side of the span, it seems. your drive time 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze down the eastshore freeway. the upper deck of the bay bridge traffic heading into san francisco this morning just fine. as far as mass transit goes bart has 17 trains all on time. ace train number one off to a great start. so no delay there. muni metro and caltrain no delay. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic. back to you.
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>> thank you. new u.s. reaction now to the violent government crackdown on demonstrations in syria. >> officials say they are starting to draft sanctions against syria. the sanctions would target the president along with his family and inner circle. latest u.s. state department is telling american citizens to leave syria as soon as possible. just yesterday syrian soldiers opened fire on civilians in the southern city killing at least 11. and in libya, italy has now agreed to take part in the nato bombing raids with the stated goal of protecting civilians there. prime minister silvio berlusconi made that decision late yesterday after talking with president obama. italy had previously refused to take part in any air strikes because of the history of colonial rule over libya. italian aircraft and ships have already been doing refueling and some other support operations over libya. 4:40. from poking to couponing. we'll tell you how facebook's newest feature promises to save
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you money. >> plus, it's the dogfighting game that has even michael vick outraged this morning. why the makers of a controversial app say they are actually animal lovers. >> a win for football players and their fans. the decision that could end the nfl lockout. ,,
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a beautiful day in the bay area. the showers are out of here. temperatures warmer in some spots. we'll hit 68 in palo alto, 70 in cupertino and warmer later on in the week. kristy, thanks very much. it is 4:43. supporters of proposition 8 are claiming that the sexual orientation of the presiding judge should have disqualified him from the case. yesterday, they filed a formal challenge against retired district judge vaughn walker. back in august of 2010, walker struck down prop 8 as
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unconstitutional. after retiring this february, he revealed he is in a gay relationship. proposition 8 supporters say his relationship biased his decision but judge walker said he did not consider that a reason to remove himself from the case. score one for the football fans. the federal judge is siding with nfl players in their labor dispute with the owners. a minneapolis judge granted a preliminary injunction that ordered an immediate end to the lockout agreeing that it causes irreparable harms to the players' careers. the owners are expected to appeal. got the draft coming up. hopefully they can figure it out. a controversial new game for smart phones hits close to home for dog loves. it's a game that allows you to fight pit bulls head to head. it allows you to train the animals to bite, drag tires for strength, even buy guns in case there is a virtual police raid.
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now, both animal activists and police groups are denouncing that app. >> i'm hoping that it was a prank. my visceral reaction was how horrendous this is. >> basically a how to guide on how to do dogfighting. >> even nfl quarterback michael vick is publicly speaking out against the game. he served 20 months in prison on federal dogfighting charges. the games creators say they are animal lovers. the online coupon market getting more crowded. today facebook is launches a program. group coupons services offer discounts on food and other products and allow small businesses to make effective use of the internet. the offers are usually circulated through email. now facebook wants to create a service that's social from the ground up. it starts right here in san francisco and four other cities.
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those things are so popular. >> are you a coupon gal? >> every once in a while. and then they go into a drawer and i forget them. >> i cut them out throw this is in the wallet and drawer and never make it down to the store. 4:46. it's a shot parents may not realize children need. how it may keep kids from starting school next year. >> new insight into the hole on the southwest planes that grounded hundreds of flights what investigators found that could be putting other planes at risk. and the sharks one step closer to the stanley cup. how they clinched the series after making all the wrong moves. ,,,,,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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the explosion on april 26, 19-86 sent a radioactive cloud over today ceremonies in ukraine mark 25 years since chernobyl. the nuclear disaster, the explosion on april 26, 1986, sent a radioactive cloud over russia, belarus and europe. today people remember those who lost their lives as a result.
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64 deaths were linked directly to the disaster. estimates on indirect deaths from the radiation are into the thousands. it is 4:49. investigators are citing manufacturing flaws as at likely cause of a hole that ripped open on that southwest flight earlier this month. the "wall street journal" says the ntsb found rivet holes on the airplane skin and didn't properly align with an overlapping layer. it's not clear whether it's an isolated flaw or a larger manufacturing issuer. another air traffic controller is fired for sleeping on the job. this controller was assigned to boeing field in seattle. the controller in question reportedly fell asleep twice in the control tower this year. new faa regulations allowing for more time between controllers' shifts hopes to prevent this problem from continuing. wild weather turns deadly in the nation's midsection. five people killed in arkansas yesterday, two in a tornado and
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three on flooded roads. that same storm system is forecast to hit illinois and wisconsin today. about 1,000 homes have been evacuated in poplar bluff in southern missouri because a levee is in danger of failing. people keep asking when this rain is going to and we'll finally see sunshine. the answer is today. we'll finally see sunny skies later on this afternoon. this morning mostly clear conditions and temperatures cooler in some places because we're in the clear. this afternoon sunny and seasonal temperatures inland. high 50s at the coast to even the low 70s inland. a little breezy though by the bay and coast but definitely a beautiful day in store as that area of high pressure is building, seeing more sunshine. we do have an area of low pressure that will make its way into the bay area over the next couple of days bringing us more cloud cover but today it's all about enjoying that sunshine and definitely take a jacket though at the coast.
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it will be breezy. temperatures look like this. 59 in daly city so cooler there. 69 for walnut creek, antioch and pittsburg. 70 brentwood and 68 in dublin. in the north bay cooler here. 63 for mill valley and sausalito. 67 for vallejo and benicia. 69 up in sonoma and 65 for san anselmo. here's a look at your extended forecast. you can see plenty of sunshine all week long. seeing temperatures in those inland spots for the next couple of days in the high 60s, low 70s. we will see a weak system move through on thursday. no rain but we'll see a drop in temperature and some breezy conditions for thursday and friday. saturday though plenty of sunshine getting close to those spring-like conditions in those inland spots and sunday which looks like right now it might be the warmest day of the week flirting with the 80s inland. and monday even looking great as well so this is the longest stretch of sunshine we have seen in a long time. and today's going to be the start of it. so that's a look at your
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weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we are still talking about roadwork. back out to hayward both directions of 880 northbound and southbound 880 right around the highway 92 interchange. those ramps are blocked just for another little short bit here until 5:00 this morning. otherwise you are continuing towards the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge itself looks great. traffic still very light in the commute direction on the right side westbound 92 still a 13 or 14-minute drive time between hayward and 101. so quiet commute there. to the benicia bridge now we are doing a bridge roundup. benicia bridge looks great right now, traffic heading into martinez. that's live look there at conditions along southbound 680. looks pretty good. actually northbound direction looks great, as well. more roadwork in the south bay. southbound 101 various lanes blocked between story road and capitol expressway. also the tully road on-ramp is blocked. again, just until 5 a.m. so should be wrapping up shortly. and the other freeways in the
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area guadalupe parkway delay- free and traffic very light now on 280 out of downtown san jose. you can see just a couple of headlights there approaching the 880 interchange. the drive along the peninsula looks great as well if you are continuing up past cupertino. 280, 101, both showing a lot of green on our sensors. no big issues through there. for silicon valley commuters, 880/237 you can see a couple of headlights there around the bend of westbound 237. so again our live traffic sensors all showing top speeds. one of them down there showing about 69 miles per hour. at the bay bridge, wind advisory in effect, caltrans has their warning signs up so be extra careful if you are commuting into san francisco across the bay bridge but so far no delay and no roadwork. bart still has 17 trains all on time. eight train number -- ace train number one off to a good start. powell cable car lines delays all this week for service work.
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so the powell street portion is in normal service but there are shuttle buses in place for certain stretches of the line. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. now babies as young as nine months can get a vaccine to prevent meningitis. the fda approving that drug to be used on babies and toddlers. for years the vaccine has been used on children over the age of 2. infants and toddlers are vulnerable to the potentially deadly disease. meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. it is 4:54. schools are blasting parents with e-mails, automated phone calls and flyers about an important deadline for the upcoming school year. here's the deal. no shot, no school. a new state law requires all kids entering 7th through 12th grade to get a booster shot for whooping cough and students will be required to have an up-
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to-date immunization record. so far at san jose unified, fewer than 33% students have gotten the shot. >> if school were to start tomorrow over 10,000 students will be excluded from school. >> even if students were immunized as small children, many still need that booster shot. last year there were more cases of whooping cough in california than anytime since world war ii. al qaeda, anarchists, radical irish republicans. those are the groups scotland yard poses the biggest threat of attack on friday's royal wedding. helicopters already in the skies scanning for unusual activity on the wedding route. friday they will even have snipers on rooftops. a total of 5,000 police officers will be on duty most of them unarmed. just last december, demonstrators attacked prince charles and camilla's car in london. and coming up at 5:15, we are going to have a live report from land. you're going to meet a woman who has flown thousands of miles to attend her third royal
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wedding. and a reminder, you can watch the royal wedding live right here on cbs 5. our cbs news live coverage begins at 1:30 a.m. on friday. you can watch it after the late, late show. >> late, late, late show. [ laughter ] >> we won't be here with you until later in the morning but again, cbs network coverage of the royal wedding. >> i bet a lot of people get up too. >> absolutely. are you kidding? elizabeth, are you getting up? are we going to wear our hats? >> we are up at 2 a.m. anyway. >> whether we like it or not. it is 4:56. san jose's stanley cup run will go on. >> they will indeed. the sharks sealed the deal last night winning a 4-3 over time thriller in l.a. it was jumbo joe, joe thornton getting the game winner. sharks wouldn't opening round play-off series 4 games to 2 with san jose winning all three road games. in fact, three overtime games they won. a limited number of second round tickets go on sale this
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morning. the sharks will face either detroit, tough team, or chicago in round 2. >> how exciting. it is 4:57 now. nissan announcing a major recall this morning. the problem that could cause drivers to lose control. >> plus, neighbors say that he was trying to turn his life around. how a man was killed trying to protect his roommate. and some clarity could soon be coming to the medical marijuana laws in santa clara county. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. when you look at, you know, the track record of the redwood city fire department versus wackenhut, it's night and day. wackenhut has no experience in municipal firefighting. >> and it could have been the first city in the state to outsource firefighters? san car close, why san carlos firefighters say it's the best choice coming up. ,, hey marcel, watch this!
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protecting his roommate. the hazy rules over marijuana may get clearer. how santa clara county's next move could an ex--- an ex-lover's quality leads to murder. >> the hazy rules over marijuana may get


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